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Project Description

"Netflix Catalog using HTML + DATAJS + ODATA" is a port of PHP-Netflix-Demo found in OData PHP SDK. This is a Netflix Movie Catalog search/browse application by making use of Netflix OData feeds.

What started out as a port, turned into an interesting app and now plugged in with DATAJS, a new awesome javascript framework for OData.

Project Goal

Open Data Protocol or OData for short is one of the emerging protocols which tries to standardize the way Data is exposed and consumed. In my endeavour to embrace the OData, this project is my bit to help and popularize the protocol. OData exosystem has librariries for pretty much most of the platform we can think of. One such SDK is for PHP available known as "OData SDK for PHP" The project goal i set out was to port this application from PHP to a static HTML + Jquery based app.

  • HTML page - no other tech
  • DATAJS - a new framework for accessing odata from javascript
    • Cahing
    • Paging
  • JQUERY - for client side dom element processing

Give it a spin and let me know what you feel about the code. I am not a JS guru so would be open to listen to suggestion/guidance on how the JS code can be improved.

A detailed post regarding this project is available at my blog:

A version is hosted at the following URL

For any suggestion/comments please email me at

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